Morecambe and District HF Rambling Club
1927 - 2017 Celebrating 90 Years Of Walking.
Morecambe HF at 90! Many a year we have seen people come to walk with us. From humble beginnings, we have sprung with local walks and buses too to wider a field on coaches in the Lake District, Wales & Scotland to name but a few. Organised trips to places a new on the social coach I could go? Where do I fancy – Southport? A Museum? A Mystery trip? A Castle or two? A phone call to Adrian, Meriel or Ann, will I manage to book my day? Rain or shine, hail, thunder, nothing really stops us except for the odd flood or heavy snowfall! Eager leaders lead us uphill and down dale, through forests, by rivers and along twisty turning paths running alongside rushing, tumbling waterfalls. Come rain or shine, making sure no one’s lost or lagging behind! Coaches are driven to our destinations whether it be social, for a mystery trip or a day’s walk easy or hard that is the question or a long week-end away either on the IOM, Belper or Tenby! Oh what joy – a week-end of fun! A, B or C that is the question? Listening to the leaders at the start of a day, which will I do? Muddy boots or merry chatter that’s what we can find on a day on the hills or taking a trip on the social coach. Beautiful views across a lake, up in the mountains or down in the dale – Take your time, don’t be in such a hurry as there’s plenty of time to sit and ponder or take a photo or two! Echoes of a glorious past is seen by many on the social coach – The swan at Bowes, watch carefully or it’s gone in a flash! Happy New Years spent trudging the hills and valleys around Shap ending with wigs being adorned, sing song in the pub and on the coach together with sounds of laughter! Friends made and not easily broken. Many have happened over the years with one or two becoming serious and even leading to marriage! Animated voices at the end of the day when gathered together in the pub or on the coach to chew on the “hay”! Tall tales we have a plenty of how high or how far we’ve covered that day or did you see that? What? That thing over there? Gone in a flash! Ninety years have gone by fast, each with its memories that will last and last! Imaginations stirred by the things that we see – a beautiful sunset; a room with a view or seagulls calling above our heads, where are they going? Norber Erratics, a Wainwright or two or somewhere more exotic like Denia, Tenby or Crewe which is it for you? Easier walking on a Wednesday we do – 8, 6 or 4 such is our choice! The sheep look on as we pass and are wondering why we are out on a day like this – thick snow; blowing a gale – a day really in which we should really be battening down the hatches! Young and old, short and tall, all are members of our walking club which does us good by keeping us happy, physically fit, talking a plenty intellectually or not. Use it or lose it the motto of many when either referring to our legs or the Club! Happy 90 th Anniversary! Written & created by L. Dodgson September 2017.
Photographs from the 90th Celebrations.