Club News Leaders are required for some walks.If you want to give it a go contact one of the  current leaders or a commitee member. The club has maps which are freely availiable. Want to try leading? Walk description Keswick Walk 7th October Kindley posted by B&M Sherriff.  Morecambe and District HF Rambling Club walked in the Keswick area on Sunday, 7th  October. Weather conditions were good initially but became wet and windy later in the  afternoon. A walk led by Graham Dootson  started their walk at High Side (A591) walking  to Ullock Pike, Carl Side, Skiddaw, Little Man, Lonscale Fell, Latrigg, Keswick. B walk led by  David Bolster walked Lanefoot Farm near Thornthwaite, around Braithwaite How, Coledale  Beck, Coledale Hause, Sail, Outerside, Stile End, High Coledale, Brasithwaite Lodge,  Hodgson Haw, Portinscale, Keswick. C walk was led by Pat Emerson walking from the  Ravenson Hotel (A591) St Begas Church, Mirehouse, Dodd Wood, Dancing Gate, Millbeck,  Applethwaite, Ormathwaite, ending in Keswick via the Cumbria Way. Our next weekend  walk will be Bolton Abbey ending at Embasy on October 21st. If you would like to join us  contact Mrs Pat Emerson on Morecambe 410702.    Walk description Sunday 23rd September Borrowdale  Kindley posted by B&M Sherriff.  Morecambe and District HF Rambling Club returned to the Borrowdale area for their week end walks in the on Sunday the 23rd September Walking conditions were bright and sunny with ideal walking conditions. A party led by Graham Dootson walked from Rosthwaite, Langs- strath, Beck, Eagle Crag, Sergent Crag, Greenup Edge, Ulscarth, High Saddle, Low Saddle Blea Tarn, Watendlath, Dock Tarn, Lingy End, Stonthwaite. B Party led by David Cunningham wlaked from Keswick, Portinscale, Cat Bells, Grange, Castle Crag, along river Derwent Path to Rosthwaite, Stonethwaite Beck, Stonethwaite. C walk was led by Mike Sherriff walking via Rosthwaite, Smithymire Island, Blea Rock, Thickside, Swan Dub, Black Moss Pot, Johnnys House, Stonethwaite. The next walk will be centered around the Keswick area.     Walk description 9th September Yorkshire Dales Kindley posted by B&M Sherriff.  Morecambe and District HF Rambling Club walked in the Hawes-Bainbridge area on Sunday  9th September. Weather conditions were windy with driving rain until lunchtime afterwards  clearing to bright and sunny with pristine views. A walk led by Bob Jones commenced at  the Dent turn off on the Hawes-Ingleton road, walking to Newby Head, Ribble Way-Pennine  Way to Dodd Fell, Wether Fell, Countersett, Semer Water, riverside path to end in  Bainbridge. C walk led by Gill Gale starting at Hawes, Hardraw, Sedbusk, Long Rigg, Skell  Gill, Mill Gill, Askrigg, Yorebridge, Bainbridge. C walk led by Bert Simister walked from  Burtersett, Cam High Road, Countersett, Semer Water, Bainbridge. Our next weekend walk  will be September 23rd where we head for the Borrowdale area. Contact details can be  found on our website should you wish to join us. Morecambe and District HF Rambling Club RAMBLES HOME GALLERY CONTACTS